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Detailed Insight about the Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings in the USA  

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If you are on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring for your significant other, then you have probably already realized that there is a ton of choice out there, which can actually make things much more complicated and overwhelming. In those times it is important for you to look for a company that shares your values and not just look at the designs and a company that we found has a great mission and some incredible values is Brilliant Earth. Today we are going to talk a bit more about this company and some of the things that we love about it, so make sure you keep on reading to get a better idea of what they are all about and why Brilliant Earth engagement rings are some of our favorites in the USA.

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First of all, we want to talk a bit about how this company sells because we feel that for a lot of people the shopping experience makes all the difference. While this is primarily a company that sells online and it’s actually one of the biggest online sellers, what’s great about them is that they have realized that some people simply like to keep it old school when it comes to shopping for jewelry and because of that they have made sure that their customers can go in any of their showrooms around the USA and see the pieces in real life. With showrooms in San Francisco, San Diego, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC and Los Angeles, you are free to make an appointment and get the necessary attention and help when choosing your ring.

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The biggest reason as to why we love Brilliant Earth as a company and especially Brilliant Earth engagement rings is the fact that they have an amazing mission. They are a company that is committed to being conflict-free, which is actually the reason they found the need to start the company in the first place, and they only buy diamonds that have been sourced from areas that have no practices that violate human’s rights which is incredible. On top of that, they are pretty much the pioneers when it comes to selling lab made diamonds which is an even more conscious piece of jewelry. They are also committed to using as much recycled precious metals as they can because that is a great way for them to also work towards ending the inhumane practices when it comes to mining those materials.

If you are going to work with any company, you should always make sure that the customer service they offer is on a top notch level, and that is exactly the case with this company. Whether you have any questions or concerns about the design, the process or any other question that you may need help with, the great customer service team in place will always be ready to help you out. You can contact them by email or call them on the phone. Another way for you to see the excellent customer service practices is in their showrooms, so you don’t have to worry about any problems there either.

 Finding the perfect ring can be difficult, but finding the right company to work with and support can be equally as difficult. When there is a company like Brilliant Earth, that has their values and their incredible mission to help change the world, then we feel that the choice is almost made for you. We hope that you found this article helpful and that you will take your time and check out their website or one of their many showrooms in the USA and see why Brilliant Earth engagement rings are some of our favorites.

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