Annual Women Empowerment Summits You Need To Attend

Women all over the world face various issues, such as unequal pay, lack of education, discrimination, sexual violence, and poverty. For these issues to be raised while effective solutions are drawn up, there needs to be a meeting of various female leaders and stakeholders from all over the world.

These are some of the international women’s summits that will bring together some of the topmost female leaders in various causes. If you’re a stakeholder in causes involving women, here are some conferences to consider attending:

  1. Annual Women’s Leadership and Empowerment Conference

The WLEC is organized by an international NGO called the Tomorrow People Organization.  The TPO is based in Belgrade, Serbia and organizes this annual summit to bring together various academics of women’s issues, especially those involving underprivileged women. It aims to bring together female academics, activists, policy-makers, educationists, industry leaders, graduate students and more.

  1. National Women’s Conference

The National Women’s Conference is jointly organized by the US National Diversity Council and is dedicated to bringing together women in the marketplace. The conference will be jam-packed with a star line-up of speakers, including female CEOs, entrepreneurs, marketplace leaders, major influencers and more. It will also be a place for women corporate leaders to network with one another.

3.Forbes Women’s Summit

Forbes organizes this summit every year as a means to bring together women in the corporate world. This summit aims to bring transformative ideas to the fore, especially relating to how women function in the marketplace. It features some of the biggest names in various fields, including Catherine Ryder, founder, and CEO of Maven, Tina Sharkey of Brandless, Amanda Nguyen of Rise and Tara Rush from Audi of America.

  1. Grace Hopper Celebration

If you’re a woman in the tech industry, you’re bound to have heard of this event. The Grace Hopper Celebration is the biggest gathering of women in the tech industry, which includes women working as systems analysts, web designers, programmers, innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs and so much more. Each conference session is jam-packed with simultaneous workshops, forums, seminars and networking sessions with the leading female names in the tech industry.

  1. The Bullish Conference

The Bullish Conference has been going on since 2013, and is the place where female executives come together to discuss workplace discrimination. The best minds come together and share tips and strategies for a better workplace environment for women.

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