How Empowering Women will Save The World

Women make up about half of the world’s population. Just over a century ago, women’s roles were just about set in stone. They were largely homemakers and vocations outside the role of mother and wife were limited. Sure they could run businesses and own land in certain parts of the world, but it was largely considered unusual.

Although things have changed a lot and women have entered the workforce in a big way, we’re still several centuries away from true gender equality. According to the World Economic Forum in 2017, it would take about 200 years more for true gender parity to be achieved.

As of now, many things can change in the world if women are more empowered:

  1. Creating more environmental sustainability

Caring for the environment starts from the home. In this day and age, the buzzword is ‘zero waste’, which is a movement to minimize the amount of non-destructible waste like single-use plastics. In many households, women are the decision makers when it comes to domestic consumption.

This means that if women are educated about the importance of things like recycling, not using plastic bags, sorting out household wastes and more, you can revolutionize the amount of pollution that affects the environment.

  1. Closing the income gap

In many developing and third world countries, women make up the bulk of those suffering from poverty. This is generally because they lack the education and training needed to hold down jobs. In some cultures, women aren’t allowed to work at all or own land, or run businesses.

This doesn’t bode well for any economy as their standard of living will remain low without any way out. The best solution for this is, of course, to empower these women with education and the means to better themselves and their family’s financial situation, thereby closing the gap between rich and poor.

  1. Ending violence

    In some cultures today, it’s still acceptable to kill, maim and deface a woman with acid for minor faults. Even if those faults are not her own and is done by a relative. Giving women the power to speak up will help end the cycle of violence. Additionally, women also need to be given a platform to seek justice and regain their right to live with dignity.

Although it may seem trivial, ending violence in the home will indirectly help to end violence in the community, as it encourages more loving family dynamics.

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